Nationwide's online withdrawal service

Whether changing jobs, living in retirement or experiencing a life-changing event, your participants will have:

  • Easy self-service options to apply for withdrawals online, with proactive status alerts keeping participants informed throughout the process
  • Fast execution (no more paper!), with us guiding participants through a personalized and interactive experience so they can quickly elect withdrawal options to best suit their needs
  • Convenient access, allowing participants to initiate withdrawals 24/7

The process is faster than viewing this short video

Watch this video to learn the benefits of this new service as well as how easy it is to request a withdrawal online.

Fraud prevention steps

Nationwide makes it a priority to ensure that participant account withdrawals are protected through anti-fraud controls such as:

  • Multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Enhanced web profile registration requirements
  • Validations of demographic and/or automated clearing

Learn more about online withdrawals, or contact your Nationwide Plan representative.